Buenos Aires day 1


Super-size me…Dan’s first Argentine cafe.

I’m still learning to post from my phone and sometimes the photos are not included, so hope this works. We are sitting in a cafe now enjoying a hot but breezy summer day.

Yesterday we walked all over the city. Dan took most of the photos but I snapped a few, too.


Does he fit in with the locals or what?!


We ended our first day with dinner at my host family’s house and didn’t finish until midnight. More photos and stories in the next post.


After a long travel day and late dinner we slept until…11:30am! We just finished a leisurely lunch at 3:30pm so despite the quick-dry clothing and cameras around our necks, we are doing very well adopting the south american lifestyle.


1 thought on “Buenos Aires day 1

  1. georgia

    you both look TOTALLY acclimated! You haven’t even been gone for 2 days yet! Still waiting for another communique from Jor. BTW the link to the blog never got to Hovey-Cats or us. I will try to send them the link.


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