Dinner with Los Arnaudo

We had a wonderful dinner with my host family last night, our first night in Buenos Aires. Ignacio and Adriana are amazing hosts. We realized it had been 7 years since I had lived with them. I can’t believe how much time has passed.


They asked me how Buenos Aires seemed ‘en este epoca,’ and I had to ask, ‘is it more expensive??’

‘Es carisimo!!!!!’

I remembered that a coffee in 2005 was 3 pesos. When Dan and I ordered a coffee for 16 pesos yesterday I was convinced it was a tourist scam (even though we were the only tourists in the cafe). Today a sandwich is 50 pesos. The exchange rate has changed (now about 5 pesos to the dollar, instead of 3) but Ignacio explained that Argentina is experiencing 30% inflation, making life in the capital ‘carisimo.’

Adriana said one day she’ll buy a bottle of water for 10 pesos, the next day the same place will charge 12 pesos. Es un quilombo!!



(above Adriana and I look at her wedding photos)

We had a great dinner of carne, ensalada, patatas, remolacha (meat, salad, potatoes, beets) and chatted about all of their host students (two per year for the past ~15 years) – two of whom have worked at Google with me. Small world!

The one thing Adriana and Ignacio requested we bring them from the US? Maple syrup! After a Canadian friend made them pancakes during a visit, they adopted a Sunday morning pancake routine, but maple syrup is nowhere to be found in Buenos Aires. Dulce de leche is everywhere, but maple syrup no existe.

Thank you to Los Arnaudo for a wonderful first night in Buenos Aires! Sadly we missed their daughters, Sofia and Emilia, who are on summer vacations, but this means we’ll have to make another trip back soon.

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