We made it to Trevelin, a 2.5 hour flight south of Buenos Aires. We are exhausted and fighting the urge to take a 2 hour nap. Dan passed out in the hotel lobby after giving me strict instructions to wake him up in 18 minutes. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Trevelin

  1. Maude Pervere

    LOVE being able to follow you here…. Since we’re still dumb phone users, your blog will be our only input, so I hope you don’t abandon it! The end of our trip in Haifa was great. Got antibiotics for Nat, so his tonsilitis is on the mend; Eli’s back at the PD this AM, the washing machine and dryer are working overtime, but it’s good to be home. We loved the time with Barbara and Vahid, met several of their closest friends and did haircuts and grocery shopping in the “wadi” there. I am in withdrawal from Middle Eastern breakfasts. Will post photos soon. Eager to hear how Futa compares with our visit there…. So sweet.

    XOX Maude

  2. Crystal Sholts (@crys_s)

    I know you aren’t checking your email, but Garnett wrote back about Rwanda, so I’ll paste it here. Really enjoying your blog!


    Kigali is a very clean and safe city, although there isn’t a ton going
    on. I would suggest staying in the Kiyovu area which is near downtown
    in either the Mille Colline hotel or the Serena (those are a bit
    pricey tho) which both have nice pools. There are a few smaller guest
    houses in that area that could also be a possibility depending on your
    budget. Another option is the Umubano (former Novotel) in Kacyiro. I
    haven’t ever stayed in a hotel in Kigali but can look into a few
    places and send you some ideas if you give me a better sense of your

    In terms of things to do, I would definitely go see the genocide
    memorial, which is depressing but also very informative. There are
    some cute restaurants and places to shop for crafts as well. I can
    send you more details later.


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