Futaleufu, Part 1: The River Wild

Greetings friends! After six days off the grid, we’re back for a night. So coming up are a few posts from our incredible experience along the Futaleufu River…

It poured all night in Trevelin and continued the next day as we crossed the border into Chile. The border station is basically a small hut with two employees at the end of a long dirt road — if you want to sneak an army into Chile, I suggest you do it from here.

When we got to the town of Futaleufu we thought there was no way we’d go rafting that first day. But we went straight to the Ex Chile office, met our guides, were handed wet suits, and then hopped in the van to head to the river. It was game time.

We have few pics of the rafting (hard to bring a camera on a Class 5 river) but the first day was incredible despite the rain. The Futa is a beautiful river with stunning surrounding scenery and some of the best rapids in the world, but is still fairly lightly traveled given how remote it is.

After freezing our little tooshies off that first day on the river, we arrived at ExChile’s Camp Tres Monjas where we’d stay for the next five nights. No electricity, Internet, mirrors. All heat comes from wood-burning stoves and furnaces. So we were totally unplugged, which was liberating. And one huge perk: a wood burning sauna (we pretty much jumped straight in after the freezing first day).

More to come!






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