Futaleufu, Part 4: All the rest

Two days into Futa the rain was gone and we enjoyed some warm sunny days in central Patagonia.


We went lake kayaking one day on the large Espolon Lake, which we had entirely to ourselves. We spent two days cruising down tributaries of the Futa, then after the water levels dropped, we were able to get back on the main river. Fantastic rafting. Both of us fell out once, Jill’s fall worse than mine, after which she got to hang onto the back of Santi’s kayak to get through the rest of the rapid.


On the last day, we took a hike to the top of Eagle Rock outside the tiny town of Futaleufu.


The whole area is just a magical place, still feeling largely untouched and not very touristy. We’d love to make it back there.






3 thoughts on “Futaleufu, Part 4: All the rest

  1. kdsanner

    Another gorgeous place… My fave pics were the sky shot w/ starry sun, and the one with Dan in orange shirt, with fist on popped hip. Nice to see you’re discovering your inner femininity out there in the wild 😉

    1. georgia

      where’s the photo of you both on the horses???(Sorry, Jill I had to ask. Horseback
      riding is the only thing I’ve ever done better than Maude!

  2. georgia

    Also I liked the first photo of the 2 of you in the kayak and the one of the sun shining on the empty road. The sun in that shot looks surreal!


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