Torres del Paine

After Futaleufu we didn’t think anything could compare to our week on the river, but had high hopes for Torres del Paine… and it did not disappoint.



The scenery was absolutely stunning, with hanging glaciers, jagged mountain peaks, glacial lakes and forests. You see all of those each day.

Due to her Camp Thunderbird days, Jill had significantly more experience than your humble correspondent. Carrying everything on our backs for four nights (even though we stayed at little huts/hostels along the trail — Jill considers it “modified backpacking” while Dan considers it “extreme mountaineering”) was quite the endeavor. All in all, it was about 45 miles over four days, with some serious ups and downs, and 25-pound bags. Easy for the Miller Perveres, and pretty much unheard of in Saper family history.



Anyways, Torres del Paine has well deserved its reputation as a trekker’s paradise. It is truly a breathtaking experience every step of the way, every day, and can change dramatically at each turn.


One of the great perks is spending time with the people you meet along the way. We spent three days walking with a wonderful and gregarious young British woman named Carly, who is currently teaching math in the Falkland Islands (tiny British territory off the southern coast of Chile). We also enjoyed Marthy and Bert, a lovely couple from Belgium who is traveling the world for four months. We met Henry, who just raised $150k from sponsors for his successful trek to the South Pole (the warmest it got during his two week trek was negative 78 degrees!!). We also met an interesting German guy who quit his job
in Vancouver and now plans to bike from the Southern tip of Argentina to Bolivia — he reckons it will take about a year. And there were Lauren and Shad, a nice couple from Portland OR who we trekked with one day, and another newlywed couple from San Fran!


All in all, a fantastic excursion. You get into a mesmerizing rhythm walking on the trail after a while, and lose yourself in the experience. There are definitely some more physically demanding parts than I would have thought, but all amazing and rewarding. Can’t recommend it highly enough.


10 thoughts on “Torres del Paine

  1. georgia

    Dan: Please add me to the list on your side (not the Miller/Pervere)side for whom the hiking/trekking would have been difficult. Even though I did attend sleep over camp I didn’t like it and therefore lack the “Thunderbird Skill Set” that your wife has!

    1. georgia

      Muffin: please remember that when you talk about how small the plane is and maybe even show a photo, I will be reading the blog so please warn me that “proceeding may be x-rated”.

  2. sam

    The hiking looks spectacular!! I will try to organise an old person group to try it! why are all the pictures of very healthy young people?

    1. Jill

      There are people of all ages on the trail and you would fit right in! Check out Explora hotel in Patagonia. It’s Torres without the camping and meant to be amazing.

  3. Rachel

    I’m so glad you two did this, and got through the “W” hike!! What an amazing place! This makes me want to go back… Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Chile and then throughout the world!
    -Cousin Rachel

  4. Marthy

    we finally had the time to check your blog! Your trip looks awsome! Would it be possible to send us the pic you made of us at Los Cuernos? You can send it to We just arrived home last week. It takes some adjusting!
    All the best,
    Marthy & Bert

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