Chau South America, next stop Africa!

After an amazing three weeks in Patagonia, we ended our South America tour back where we started, Buenos Aires. We easily could spend months traveling in South America – el Chalten, Tierra del Fuego, Chile’s lake district, the Atacama desert, Peru, Bolivia…our travel list wish grew with each amazing travel story we heard. But our plans were set and it was back to BA for a few days before moving on to the next continent.

We rented a great apartment in Palermo on — it was our first time using the site and we could not have been happier (especially after six nights sharing 8-person bunk bed rooms in Patagonia, renting our own apartment felt like a palace!). If you need am affordable place to stay in BA, apartment rental via airbnb or vrbo is the way to go as hotels, like everything else here, have become extremely expensive.

We had a jam-packed agenda in BA which included doing laundry for the first time since Jan 1, taking a free private pilates class (Dan had no way out when I learned the first class was free, and our instructor Frederico thinks he is a promising pilates student), and getting hair cuts.

The state of my hair was out.of.control.


Hard to have a conversation through this


Patagonia rat's nest

So Dan and I went to the local Peluqueria where Daniel gave us both haircuts in about 25 minutes.


I’m pretty sure this is the exact length my hairdresser in SF says never to do (in between long and short) but given the language barrier and my limited hair-related vocabulary, I was happy to get out without a mullet, the most popular hair style in BA.

In between haircuts and the extreme heat (it is about 90 degrees here), we took in some sights and tango.




And cooked a few meals, including Dan’s famous huevos for breakfast.


The best part of BA was reconnecting with my friend, Jackie. We had studied abroad together in BA eight years ago. Everyone in our program had big plans to move back to BA after college graduation, but Jackie is the only one who really did –and she’s been living here ever since. We had a great dinner with her and her boyfriend, Juan.


After working on some amazing animal projects in Argentina (like reintroducing giant anteaters and jaguars to their natural habitat in Corrientes!), Jackie is moving back to the US this summer to start veterinary school at UC Davis. Woohoo! And coincidentally her parents live a few blocks away from us in Russian Hill, so we hope to see lots of her back in CA.

All right, we are off to enjoy our final lomo dinner in Argentina. Tomorrow we take a redeye to Cape Town and are excited to explore a new city and meet more travelers. If you have any Cape Town recommendations, we’d love to hear! Leave a comment or send us an email.

Until Africa….

2 thoughts on “Chau South America, next stop Africa!

    1. Jill Post author

      Yes I am ALWAYS styling with my quick dry pants and long underwear. If only I had a mullet to complete the image! Xoxo Jen Jen!!


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