We love Cape Town!

Hello from our new favorite city! Cape Town is amazing – beautiful scenery, perfect weather, tourist-friendly to the extreme, and feels completely safe. I say this with the utmost respect for my beloved Buenos Aires, but after Cape Town, BA feels like Baghdad with European prices (Dan’s apt analogy). And now we are in paradise!


Baboon sighting on our drive down the coast


Bike ride to Cape Point


Gorgeous flowers at the Cape Grace hotel

We are staying at a nice little backpacker hostel in a great area of town. We’ve had amazing dinners every night, including Dan’s adventurous ‘African game platter’ selection with warthog ribs, crocodile ribs, kudu, and ostrich meat. (Interestingly, Dan said the crocodile meat tasted more like chicken than the ostrich – DEElish). Jill opted for the chicken curry 🙂


More on Cape Town to come, but for now — add this to your list of must-see cities!!

1 thought on “We love Cape Town!

  1. jeff

    Wow, I love your posts. Biking, hiking, kayaking, staying at youth hostels, eating native foods, playing with babboons, communing with nature. I wish I could persuade Vivian to let us go on a vacation like this!!! Did bearded wonder shave yet? Send more. We miss you. Jeff


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