Chilling in Luang Prabang, Laos

From Cambodia we set sail (figuratively) to Luang Prabang, Laos for some utter relaxation in one of the most quaint and serene places we visited.


Sunset view from Mount Phusi, right on the edge of town.

DSC03961      DSC03963


Someone feed that boy a bagel.


Nestled in between the Mekong and Nam Kam rivers, Luang Prabang is a small French-influenced Buddhist monastery town. The Laotian government has somehow managed to keep it incredibly well preserved and true to form — while plenty touristy, you don’t feel it. A very hard balance to strike that they have done masterfully.


We found Biggie.

DSC03906 DSC03897


The rivers are lined with amazing villas, restaurants, local woodwork stores, silk shops and cafes.



Three Nagas restaurant. Thanks for the rec mom 🙂


Jill hammered. Wait, my mistake — dead sober.

We stayed in two awesome cottages (both under $40 a night), with free bike rentals.  It’s the perfect town to aimlessly pedal around.  Stop in a cafe, read for hours uninterrupted at the AWESOME riverside bar called Utopia,  take a river cruise up the Mekong, and enjoy a spectacular 360-degree sunset view over the town and rivers atop Mount Phusi. You can also ride elephants, which we opted out of — free the beasts!



Greatest bar of all time: Utopia

photo (1)

Jill’s reading the same book as her teenage friend next to her: “Game of Thrones, Book 1.”

A very cool experience that is quintessential Luang Prabang, is the giving of the alms in the mornings. You get up at dawn and watch the monks walk up and down the streets collecting their food for the day from locals (primarily). It is getting quite touristy with a lot of folks snapping pics (us included), but still a serene way to start the morning.

DSC04045 DSC04052 DSC04065 DSC04080

We also ran into Jill’s friend Sarah from Piedmont, which was good fun. She has been a Backroads bike trip leader the past few years, and was there with a few of her other guide friends. So we enjoyed some delicious Laotian street food together.

photo 1 photo 3

We had been told by a number of a friends and family that Luang Prabang had been a favorite destination in Southeast Asia. It did not disappoint.

DSC04096 DSC04112

DSC04086 DSC04113 DSC04119

4 thoughts on “Chilling in Luang Prabang, Laos

  1. Sam Tramiel

    Please give me your recommendations for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (did u go to Nam?). We go in late October.
    Laos looks very laid back.

  2. Jen

    Three Nagas! My fav and I also strongly and highly suggested these spring rolls. Plus Jeff Saper loved the Stickayyy rice there.


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