A stopover in Bangkok with two of our favorite people

DSC04167Gabe and Becca began their two-month globe-trot right as we were wrapping up, so we had the pleasure of spending a few days with them in Bangkok. If I could leave you with just one image that truly captures the essence of Gabe and Becca, it would be this one:


I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I had to. How adorable are the matching pamphlets sticking out of their tooshies? Jill and I were just so jealous that they were starting their epic trip right as we were ending ours.


#sweatstains. It was about 100 degrees that day.


So we toured the Grand Palace with our two long lost friends, got group foot massages (twice), enjoyed some good food, and had a few drinks.


Coconut sisters


Hello, $10 foot massages!

DSC04148 DSC04156 DSC04154 DSC04208

On our first day, the girls went back to nap, so Gabe and I wandered off down a series of random side streets until we were among 100% locals. We found this big gregarious dude cooking street food and decided to try it out — amazing salad!

photo 1 (1)

Big gregarious dude

photo 2

Amazing salad

A few beers later, and things got interesting. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were having a pushup contest on the dude’s floor. Here are Gabe’s sub-par pushups (ok, they’re not bad form actually):

But he was still 20 pushups shy: Tramiel 26, Saper 46. The sweet smell of victory.

All in all, a great yet brief few days with two of our favorite people in the world. We wished them well on their journey, and we were off to Australia to wrap up ours.

1 thought on “A stopover in Bangkok with two of our favorite people

  1. Tramiel Sam

    As you all know, Gabe and I are not competitive people.
    I would like to point out that Dan is not exactly correct regarding the push up contest, my son won, no doubt about it.


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