Down Under: Sydney, Australia

Not that we expect anybody to care about our journey around the world after 18 months of procrastination here, but we figured we’d post about our last two weeks on the road so that our blog can live a full and complete life. So, here are a few quick posts to sum up our time in Australia, which was our original “honeymoon” plan — two weeks of vacation bliss, thanks to the Saper parents, who gifted this last leg as our wedding present.

We started off with a brief stopover in Sydney.


The Rocks, Sydney Harbor


Mamak Restaurant. AMAZING Malaysian food. As you can see it’s a tad popular. Hat tip to Kay O for the rec!

We enjoyed our first travel reunion, meeting up with our Aussie friend, Nick, who we first met at our tiny river rafting camp in Futaleufu, Patagonia three months earlier. Nick is a “barrister” (fancy name for an Australia litigator), who must wear the cloak and wig to all courtroom proceedings. The good sport he is, Jill and I got to play dress-up.



Dan the barrister


Jill the barrister. #AliciaFlorrick #runningshoes #onesizefitsall

After our Australian rendition of Florrick Agos, we enjoyed a few days walking around Sydney with stops at the Museum of New South Wales, Manly Beach, and our favorite restaurant, Mamak.


Obligatory Opera House couples shot


Jill breaking out a few shavasanas under the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Terrible form/missing SF yoga under the Sydney Harbor Bridge

2 thoughts on “Down Under: Sydney, Australia

  1. Beth

    Ok so this is VERY random, but I was reading your Myanmar entries (going there next month – found them on Google) and they were super good so I thought I would check out the rest of your blog. Checking out your Sydney entry (im from there originally) – and what do you know – I know Nick too!!! It truly is a small world!

    From someone enjoying your blog 2 years later x


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