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Down Under: Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef

(The 18-months-late update…)


For our last stop on our three-month trip we went to yet another ridiculously amazing and animal-named island: Lizard Island, in the Great Barrier Reef.


After a harrowing 45 minute flight on what appeared to be another Toyota Corolla with wings, and a pilot who looked like she had just celebrated her 16th birthday, we took off into a complete storm where visibility was about 3.5 feet (we knew because we were basically sitting right next to the pilot). The turbulence was strong to quite strong. Let’s just say Jill was not wild about this transfer.

Once we got there, we understood what the hype was all about. While very different from Kangaroo Island, Lizard Island was out of this world in its own right. The food could not compete with Kangaroo Island, but the scuba diving, hiking, and 14 private beaches made it just as memorable. Since you can only get there by puddle jumper and a private runway on the island, it has a laid back, middle-of-nowhere island feel – with no locks on the bungalow doors. We loved it.


Dan in his pensive perch pose again. After a nice hike to the island’s peak.

On our hike

A hot but beautiful hike


We don’t have any photos from our scuba diving day at Cod Hole, but it was the most amazing scuba adventure we could ever imagine. The only problem was that even Jill’s faithful bonine dosage was no match for the rough waters, and she spend most of the boat ride taking deep breaths (etc.) over the edge. She was so sick by the time we were ready to start the dive, that the dive masters threw her in the water first – ignoring her anxious question, ‘Is that a shark right there??!’ (Dan later admitted that yes, he did witness his wife being tossed overboard amidst dorsal fins, all in the name of seasickness).

The next day the Lizard Island crew dropped us off via motor boat with a delicious picnic at a private beach, and came back for us a few hours later. See below for the picnic, Dan getting to act like a four-year-old practicing his karate kicks, and laying down in the surf without a care in the world.

Our private beach again

Our private beach for the day

Daniel-san practicing his karate kick. Pretty good form, no? And pretty tan too.

Daniel-san practicing his karate kick. Great form, better tan.

Dan laying in the surf on our private beach for the day.

Dan laying in the surf on our private beach.

Our "picnic" which was a tad more gourmet than most picnics we've had.

Gourmet picnic heaven

Met a wonderful family from Connecticut -- Bob, Joanna, and Robert.

Our new friends — a wonderful family from Connecticut — Bob, Joanna, and Robert.

Saw about a thousand of these massive guys. Aptly named island.

Saw about a thousand of these massive guys. Aptly named island.

Thank you Kim and Danny! Surprise treat with a private dinner on the beach, as a wedding gift.

Toyota Corolla 2007, with ducktaped wings.

Toyota Corolla 2007, with ducktaped wings.

Bon Voyage, Lizard Island!

Bon Voyage, Lizard Island!